Blockchain Crisis Solution Research Fund

Blockchain Crisis Solution Research Fund 

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Blockchain Crisis Solution Research Fund


Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 global pandemic, 663,748 infection cases and 30,880 death cases have been reported worldwide as of today (29 March 2020). As the pandemic spreads worldwide at an alarming rate, the number of deaths is expected to increase, threatening not just human health but also the global economy, with a cross section of sectors and industries expected to suffer major losses in 2020. (Data collected 29/3/2020,

There is no denying that the 2020 economy will upend almost everyone in the world. Due to the widespread economic impact of the pandemic, the U.S stock market triggered a fusing mechanism 4 times in 10 days, that resulted in oil price crashing. The IMF has predicted that the world economy will hit a recession by mid 2020.

Bitcoin suffered a huge drop from $7300 to $3800 within a single day, whilst gold, traditionally a safe-haven commodity was also not spared. Factories have been forced to shut down, businesses have not been allowed to operate, schools and colleges are closed, major events cancelled for fear that the virus will infect others in large gatherings. As such, spending power has fallen sharply, and the tourism industry has suffered a massive loss, with major airlines in the region having to cancel flights and grounding their fleet.

However, as the pandemic has yet to reach its peak and is expected to move its epicentre across the globe, thus threatening human health, an effective global healthcare system with an integrated decentralised globally coordinated relief medical supply chain management system is needed now more than ever.

In view this and in the midst of the growing spread of the disease, a Blockchain Crisis Solution Research Fund to meet the challenges of COVID-19 and future epidemics will be launched by the World Blockchain Foundation, a non-profit foundation founded in Malaysia,

The distributed ledger technology or better known as ‘Blockchain’ can be used to ensure that the data collected of the disease and infections worldwide can be formally documented, authenticated, verified and secured on the decentralised platform, thus enhancing its immutability and ensuring that medical supplies like vaccines and other relief supplies like masks and sanitizers can be accurately tracked, monitored and delivered to corresponding organizations.

We are constantly living in a world exposed to various diseases, hence other similar epidemics and pandemics that may pose a serious threat to human existence will continue to happen as these viruses evolve and mutate in the future. As science and technology develops and progresses, we are also poised to find a perfect technological solution in response to the growing demands of human complexities and problems.

As such, this fund aims to invest further into current research and development projects that will enhance global healthcare systems and infectious disease research.

The funds raised will also be used for the daily operations of the institution and the development of blockchain technology matters, as listed under our Management cost description:

–          Project development research

–          Member salary

–          Office expenses

–          Utilities

–          Management costs


Bank Account Number: 8008399450 (CIMB Bank)



Bitcoin Accepted Address: 189D5Knn3X66tYXf1DTqvTZzyLeHfRuM8x

USDT-Omni Accepted Address: 1ETQ255p5p4vUo7AuzW7YZmGrffxVGBJjp

ETH / USDT-erc20 Accepted Address: 0x984d9309dC40C40067BDa14fB6BA9292B378D81C


All donations are welcomed. The World Blockchain Foundation will issue a donation receipt upon request. Please send your donation receipt screenshot, with your name in full, contact number, mailing address, zip code and other information to Your official receipt will be sent it to you within 20 working days after receiving your application email.



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