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Corporate Membership

  • Networking through all types of membership; regular meetings in at locations worldwide; courses, seminars and conferences on topical subjects for everyone from top executives to new graduates and students.
  • Participation in specialist groups with representatives of industry, academia and government, as well as other individuals, addressing subjects within the blockchain interest areas.
  • Up-to-date information on developments in blockchain technology.
  • A free detailed listing for your organisation will be included in the printed Corporate Members’ Directory and on the blockchain website, incorporating links into your organisation’s website.
  • An extensive programme of events including conferences, seminars, evening meetings, discussion forums, technical visits, workshops and courses – all of which are relevant to blockchain.
  • Significant discounts for all your organisation’s staff on fees for blockchain and co-sponsored events, publications and advertising
  • Publicity for your organisation through sponsorship of evening meetings, seminars and blockchain annual awards for achievement and excellence in an area of blockchain technology.

* Terms for Corporate Membership

Only named members will receive blockchain mailing literature, but there is no limit to the numbers of staff who can enjoy the corporate benefits of discount and participation in blockchain activities. However, only one blockchain representative is the main point of contact for membership administration purposes.


Subscription rates for Corporate membership of WBF are defined according to the size of the organisation and the number of technical, scientific and managerial staff with an involvement in blockchain technology. The category appropriate to any Corporate Member organisation is agreed by discussion between the WBF and the organisation.

The Benefits of World Blockchain Foundation’s Membership

The WBF is dedicated in connecting and growing the blockchain community in Malaysia. Our focus is to establish Malaysia as a regional hub for blockchain innovation by initiating and encouraging collaboration on blockchain projects across industries and the region.

As such, there are no restrictions to application and membership is open to all. Whether you are from academia, a representative of a business, a student, a startup or purely a blockchain enthusiast, we would love to hear from you and have you in our vibrant community.

The membership committee shall review the requirements for each class of membership from time to time and if deemed appropriate shall recommend changes as appropriate.










Membership Requirements

Applicants should be :

  • An individual, both Malaysian and non-Malaysian accepted.
  • Aged 21 or above.
  • Show a professional interest or experience in the field of blockchain technology.

Membership fee can be made via:

Membership fee can be deposited directly into Malaysia

Account No. : 8008399450


Within Malaysia membership fee with cheque
should be crossed and made payable to

Send Bitcoin into our wallet address:

Once you have completed the payment,
please send us your bank in slip/proof of
payment to support@worldblockchain

WBF Bitcoin Wallet Address