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1st Bitcoinomics in Malaysia

Fortunately the heavy downpour did not dampen the spirits of the attendees. Despite the need to fight through the almost stand still traffic the numbers managed to make the restaurant feel full.

I wasn’t at my best but it was enough to make the audience understand the background and underlying foundation and values of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

As we started late there wasn’t enough time for me to talk more about the structure of blockchain, the investment aspects of Bitcoin and smart contracts. Well, maybe the rest will have to be done in Bitcoinomics part 2!

Incidentally the price of Bitcoin shot up close to US$400 after the event (as if it is related, hahaha…) and those who exchanged their Ringgit Malaysia managed to make a paper profit in less than 12 hours!

Next Bitcoinomics coming up next week in… the Phillippines!

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